John W. Kennedy

John W. Kennedy

PhotographFinally of a new portrait of this aging, usually bearded, baby-boomer, a computer programmer, actor, opera singer, and occasional writer.

Note: Ron Rosenbaum's recently published book, The Shakespeare Wars, mentions me by name. Unfortunately, the reference is inaccurate; he has confused me with someone else, who is named Richard Kennedy. The error is slated for correction in the paperback, and in later printings of the hardcover.

Among my interests are:

I combined two of these interests in beginning Le Nu reible Gramadji pe la Az, an ongoing Loglan translation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The latest installment/revision was uploaded December 15, 2000. Perhaps someday I’ll return to it.

You can e-mail me at I'm also on Twitter at!/john_w_kennedy, and on Facebook at My wife Eleanor has her own e-mail at

What's new

I have an Atom feed, which can be used by most web browsers (not, however, by Safari 6 or Google Chrome), and by many e-mail readers. Most web browsers can access it from this homepage by clicking an icon like this: RSS broadcast symbol or this: , either at the end of the URL field above or sitting to its right. If you are using Safari and you see an icon like this: , press and hold it until you see the option “Show RSS” drop down, and click on that.

Safari 6 and Mountain Lion’s version of Mail have dropped the RSS facility. The most popular substitute is NewsBar, which is available from the App Store. Once you have installed Reeder, click on the icon here: RSS broadcast symbol

Until then, you can use the index page.

John W. Kennedy

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